Friday, February 10, 2012

weekend activities..

This weekend will be amazing!

Tonight were heading over the in-laws to help them continue settling into their new home.  And by help them that means I get to sit, be pregnant and play with Jamin as Jud works on building furniture and hanging TV's!  Sounds good to me!

Saturday morning I am heading to the St. Petersburg Farmer's Market (which I LOVE!) to buy some fruit, eat some samples and hopefully practice my photography skills. I haven't been out there at all yet this season so I can't wait!

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Saturday I hope to get together with some girlfriends who are in town.  I am sure at some point I will be preparing some pasta for the hubby who will be running the St. Pete Rock and Roll Half Marathon bright and early on Sunday Morning. Lets get excited about Flo Rida providing some concert entertainment post-race!

I also get to cheer on Megs, who was one of my lovely Disney Princess Half Marathon running partners from last year..

Cheering for Jud in the half brings back memories of cheering him on in the 2008 Chicago Marathon.  And just think...back then we weren't married yet, no kids, and I had those adult braces I loved so much.  Ohh, how things have changed!

Pssst, this last one is not an actual picture of Jud running.

and then to round out the weekend on Sunday night I will begin crafting for Jamin's Valentine's to his classmates...

The winner is...


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