Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am the type that always wants the next vacation planned. There really isn't much better than a new place, good food and new experiences. I was THRILLED and surprised when the hubby decided he wanted to take me on a babymoon before the arrival of our second little boy. We've never visited a real southern city (besides St. Augustine, but that is in Florida, so therefore doesn't count) so we settled on Charleston as our destination!

Thursday at 4 am we are hitting the road.  With lots of input from friends and some intense googling we have some pretty exciting things lined up for our trip including reservations at numerous amazing restaurants, an amazing hotel stay, a couple of tours (including a ghost tour!) and lots of browsing and shopping.  I can't wait to put my practice at photography skills to work. From what I hear there isn't a better place to shoot!

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