Monday, February 27, 2012

This weeks menu...

Ok, I am not the type to usually display my weekly menu.  Mostly because my meals are sometimes a little hodge-podgey and occasionally come from the boxed variety.  I actually do LOVE to cook, but it can become a little overbearing to have to prepare food every. single. day.

Well, I present to you this weeks menu! I spent a gratuitous totally reasonable amount of time at work thinking up this beauty and planning my grocery trip.

Here it is my friends.

Monday- Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (Have I mentioned this is one of Jamin's favorites?  So strange to see a toddler downing romaine)
Tuesday- Homemade Margharita Pizza
Wednesday- Steak Fajitas
Thursday- Pasta with Spinach Basil Pesto and Chicken Sausage
Friday- BBQ pulled chicken with Texas toast and roasted sweet potatoes


The reason I planned out our menu in such detail?  Because I am TOTALLY obsessed with food.  Especially since our glutinous weekend in Charleston where we indulged in expensive, exquisite meals (...and desserts...and appetizers...and homemade candy...ah)

Our first night we dined at Cypress.  We had the crab cake appetizer, I had the Filet with Boursin cheese, fingerling potatoes and asparagus, and Jud had the Crisp Wasabi Ahi Tuna.

We ended our night at the legendary Kaminsky's bakery.  Nestle Pie with Ice Cream.  I have wild, sugar-frenzied, eyes.

Night Numero two we dined at Hank's Seafood.  The Roasted Snapper with Lobster Risotto and Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin wasn't anything to scoff at.  But, oh. my. gosh.  The She Crab Soup.  It is a MUST have.  It was the best thing ever.  Truly.

And finally, night number three...The best of them all.  Oak Steakhouse.  We split the Wedge Bibb salad and the creamed spinach.  Jud indulged in the New York Strip and I had the Filet.  We tried Pittsburgh style which involves taking the steak off the grill, rubbing it with raw sugar, and searing it for an additional minute on the grill.  Such caramelized, amazing goodness.

Please excuse this picture.  Food coma pus not having slept in three days, plus a violent head cold. 

I am still having foodie withdraws.  Hopefully my good old home-cooking can compare?

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