Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rock & Roll

I saw so many people I know in the St. Petersburg Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon this morning!  Although I wasn't running I spent my time there pretending I was a was a lot of fun, but really, really COLD at 5 am!

They make 13.1 look good!

After getting up at 5 am to head down the St. Pete I was really looking forward to my afternoon nap  (currently husband and baby are both asleep- luckies).  But I kept tossing and turning thinking worrying that my calves we're going to cramp (did you know this is a symptom of pregnancy?? One that apparently I get quite often).  With this constant fear of cramping plus the endless miles I walked this morning I was sure it would happen as soon as I drifted off- so I dragged myself out of bed to eat a banana.  Banana's are supposed to prevent calves from cramping you know.  And here I am.

I then became obsessed with knowing how far my freezing, pregnant self walked.  I mapped it out and it was exactly 4 miles worth! I haven't moved that much in ages!

What a Sunday.  I'm tired.

Congrats handsome hubby for running a great half-marathon on the coldest day of the year!

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