Thursday, February 16, 2012

lovely little Valentine's week

Ok, ok, it's Thursday- but it is already Friday in my mind and that is all that really counts.  I'm posting now since my tomorrow night will be very busy...

Yes, this is what it looks like! The husband is already setting the table for tomorrow's dinner!  He texted me earlier today letting me know he "has dinner covered" tomorrow night.  I've got to say, fondue is a fancy and ambitious choice!

He also came home bearing gifts...

Now, my husband does do wonderfully romantic things on his own accord like spontaneously deciding he will bring me to Charleston for a Babymoon later this month.  But I have got to be honest here that the flowers and romantic dinner may be a result of a pregnant-lady tantrum that I threw this week (maybe last week, too? Oopsie.)  I've got to say, either way I appreciate the extra lovin!

I have been spoiled this Valentine's week!

On Tuesday we went out to the Texas Cattle Company for Valentine's dinner.  We had steak, AND shrimp, AND lobster with scallops.

It was amazing.  I gained 14 pounds.  Its true, I have photo evidence.

And we got to visit with some friends of ours down from CT on Valentine's too.  I was so full from my meal I am practically asleep in this picture.  It's a miracle I'm not face down in a plate of lobster!

Wow.  I really gave of some sexy vibes that Valentine's night- ha!

Owell.  It was delish and I was happy.

I love love.

I love Valentine's double dates.

And I love my husband.

And my baby, who I hope will one day cook for me too..

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