Monday, February 6, 2012

the good news!

There is great news! After a week or so of a broken laptop- we are back up and running!

Can you believe that I was going through major blogging withdrawals!? I love writing to all of yousome of you... or just you, my one faithful, devoted reader!

If I had been blogging for the last week or so here are some things I would have mentioned along the way:

1. I finally, finally, finally found an amazing pair of "Taylor Swift" shoes.  I had been looking for months!  Thank you Steve Madden!  Have I shared with you one of the greatest joys of being pregnant?  You feel discouraged from buying clothes- so it really opens up the opportunity for shoe/accessory shopping!

Jamin liked them too:

2.  After my rant last week about the cruddy mood I was in a lovely friend of mine took me for a girls outing to get pedicures!  I always have a hard time steering away from the color scheme I always tend to pick (ie. pinks) and I went for more purple toned.  

(ok, so they still look pink.)
(are you weirded out by feet pics yet?)

3. The hubby and I scored free tickets to the Zac Brown Band!  It was a great concert!  This is me about to head out to the show with Owen! 

The best song of the concert you ask?

This song brings my pregnancy-hormone-filled-self to tears! 

4.  Jamin is OBSESSED with smoothies.  I went to Sam's and stocked up on fruit, washed them all up and prepared two weeks of berries for the freezer!

5. We took Jamin to a Touch-a-Truck event.  It was a great day filled with trucks, helicopters, a picnic in the park and the most fun of all...standing on a gutter!

6. The next weekend we went back to the park so Jamin could ride on the trains!

7. I would have had to share a couple of sweet little pictures that I took over the past week:

8.  I would have told you that I attended a Photography session for beginners to try and learn how to use my new camera!

9. I brought Jamin to a Chik-Fil-A "Date Knight with your son".  Jud couldn't be left out.  He had his mom bring him.

10.  Today marked the start of National School Counseling Week!  I had a surprise in my office!

I'm glad to be back!

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