Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snapshots of Charleston

I was make believe photographer again this past weekend in Charleston!

Here are some of my favorites...

I <3 vacations.

Monday, February 27, 2012

This weeks menu...

Ok, I am not the type to usually display my weekly menu.  Mostly because my meals are sometimes a little hodge-podgey and occasionally come from the boxed variety.  I actually do LOVE to cook, but it can become a little overbearing to have to prepare food every. single. day.

Well, I present to you this weeks menu! I spent a gratuitous totally reasonable amount of time at work thinking up this beauty and planning my grocery trip.

Here it is my friends.

Monday- Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (Have I mentioned this is one of Jamin's favorites?  So strange to see a toddler downing romaine)
Tuesday- Homemade Margharita Pizza
Wednesday- Steak Fajitas
Thursday- Pasta with Spinach Basil Pesto and Chicken Sausage
Friday- BBQ pulled chicken with Texas toast and roasted sweet potatoes


The reason I planned out our menu in such detail?  Because I am TOTALLY obsessed with food.  Especially since our glutinous weekend in Charleston where we indulged in expensive, exquisite meals (...and desserts...and appetizers...and homemade candy...ah)

Our first night we dined at Cypress.  We had the crab cake appetizer, I had the Filet with Boursin cheese, fingerling potatoes and asparagus, and Jud had the Crisp Wasabi Ahi Tuna.

We ended our night at the legendary Kaminsky's bakery.  Nestle Pie with Ice Cream.  I have wild, sugar-frenzied, eyes.

Night Numero two we dined at Hank's Seafood.  The Roasted Snapper with Lobster Risotto and Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin wasn't anything to scoff at.  But, oh. my. gosh.  The She Crab Soup.  It is a MUST have.  It was the best thing ever.  Truly.

And finally, night number three...The best of them all.  Oak Steakhouse.  We split the Wedge Bibb salad and the creamed spinach.  Jud indulged in the New York Strip and I had the Filet.  We tried Pittsburgh style which involves taking the steak off the grill, rubbing it with raw sugar, and searing it for an additional minute on the grill.  Such caramelized, amazing goodness.

Please excuse this picture.  Food coma pus not having slept in three days, plus a violent head cold. 

I am still having foodie withdraws.  Hopefully my good old home-cooking can compare?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am the type that always wants the next vacation planned. There really isn't much better than a new place, good food and new experiences. I was THRILLED and surprised when the hubby decided he wanted to take me on a babymoon before the arrival of our second little boy. We've never visited a real southern city (besides St. Augustine, but that is in Florida, so therefore doesn't count) so we settled on Charleston as our destination!

Thursday at 4 am we are hitting the road.  With lots of input from friends and some intense googling we have some pretty exciting things lined up for our trip including reservations at numerous amazing restaurants, an amazing hotel stay, a couple of tours (including a ghost tour!) and lots of browsing and shopping.  I can't wait to put my practice at photography skills to work. From what I hear there isn't a better place to shoot!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Good Hair

Back to Blondie!

the most boring post in the world...

...Zucchini Muffins!

This was the most boring recipe, with equally boring results, which doesn't make for riveting blog posts,  but here we are! Lets jump on in!

The main inspiration for this little recipe is after eating my weight in steak and lobster on Valentine's, and indulging in pure chocolate fondue heaven and my recent baking obsessions...I felt the need for something "lighter."  Muffins by definition may not be light- but I get some props for making them with zucchini, right?

Recipe from Simply Recipes

3 cups grated zucchini.

Zucchini mixed with 1 1/3 cups sugar, 2 beaten eggs, 2 teaspoons vanilla, 2/3 cups melted butter.  Lovely, isn't it?

In a separate bowl, mix together 3 cups flour, 2 teaspoons baking soda, nutmeg, and cinnamon to taste. Then comes the fin part pictured above, combine in one bowl!

Spoon mixture into some muffin trays (fill to the brim!) and bake at 350.  Large muffins 26 minutes, mini muffins 12 minutes.

And there they are in all their simple, non-chocolate, glory.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

lovely little Valentine's week

Ok, ok, it's Thursday- but it is already Friday in my mind and that is all that really counts.  I'm posting now since my tomorrow night will be very busy...

Yes, this is what it looks like! The husband is already setting the table for tomorrow's dinner!  He texted me earlier today letting me know he "has dinner covered" tomorrow night.  I've got to say, fondue is a fancy and ambitious choice!

He also came home bearing gifts...

Now, my husband does do wonderfully romantic things on his own accord like spontaneously deciding he will bring me to Charleston for a Babymoon later this month.  But I have got to be honest here that the flowers and romantic dinner may be a result of a pregnant-lady tantrum that I threw this week (maybe last week, too? Oopsie.)  I've got to say, either way I appreciate the extra lovin!

I have been spoiled this Valentine's week!

On Tuesday we went out to the Texas Cattle Company for Valentine's dinner.  We had steak, AND shrimp, AND lobster with scallops.

It was amazing.  I gained 14 pounds.  Its true, I have photo evidence.

And we got to visit with some friends of ours down from CT on Valentine's too.  I was so full from my meal I am practically asleep in this picture.  It's a miracle I'm not face down in a plate of lobster!

Wow.  I really gave of some sexy vibes that Valentine's night- ha!

Owell.  It was delish and I was happy.

I love love.

I love Valentine's double dates.

And I love my husband.

And my baby, who I hope will one day cook for me too..

(almost time) to get running!

This may end up being one of those ideas that sounds like a really excellent plan in advance but not so wonderful as it approaches.  32 weeks pregnant and I just signed up for my first post-race run!

Disney's Tower of Terror 10 mile race in me 4 months to train post push...

Good motivation or too soon?

I guess my time will tell!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rock & Roll

I saw so many people I know in the St. Petersburg Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon this morning!  Although I wasn't running I spent my time there pretending I was a was a lot of fun, but really, really COLD at 5 am!

They make 13.1 look good!

After getting up at 5 am to head down the St. Pete I was really looking forward to my afternoon nap  (currently husband and baby are both asleep- luckies).  But I kept tossing and turning thinking worrying that my calves we're going to cramp (did you know this is a symptom of pregnancy?? One that apparently I get quite often).  With this constant fear of cramping plus the endless miles I walked this morning I was sure it would happen as soon as I drifted off- so I dragged myself out of bed to eat a banana.  Banana's are supposed to prevent calves from cramping you know.  And here I am.

I then became obsessed with knowing how far my freezing, pregnant self walked.  I mapped it out and it was exactly 4 miles worth! I haven't moved that much in ages!

What a Sunday.  I'm tired.

Congrats handsome hubby for running a great half-marathon on the coldest day of the year!

Friday, February 10, 2012

weekend activities..

This weekend will be amazing!

Tonight were heading over the in-laws to help them continue settling into their new home.  And by help them that means I get to sit, be pregnant and play with Jamin as Jud works on building furniture and hanging TV's!  Sounds good to me!

Saturday morning I am heading to the St. Petersburg Farmer's Market (which I LOVE!) to buy some fruit, eat some samples and hopefully practice my photography skills. I haven't been out there at all yet this season so I can't wait!

Image from

Saturday I hope to get together with some girlfriends who are in town.  I am sure at some point I will be preparing some pasta for the hubby who will be running the St. Pete Rock and Roll Half Marathon bright and early on Sunday Morning. Lets get excited about Flo Rida providing some concert entertainment post-race!

I also get to cheer on Megs, who was one of my lovely Disney Princess Half Marathon running partners from last year..

Cheering for Jud in the half brings back memories of cheering him on in the 2008 Chicago Marathon.  And just think...back then we weren't married yet, no kids, and I had those adult braces I loved so much.  Ohh, how things have changed!

Pssst, this last one is not an actual picture of Jud running.

and then to round out the weekend on Sunday night I will begin crafting for Jamin's Valentine's to his classmates...

The winner is...


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