Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Blues

Happy Sunday!

Sunday morning cartoons in his new fancy man chair.

Let me start of by saying that I am usually in a great mood at 8 am on Sunday and start to feel the Sunday blues settling in  by noon or 1.  Do you know that feeling?  The one where Monday is just around the corner and the weekends are so painfully quick? It puts me in a little bit of a sour mood.  It doesn't help any when it's football season- The entire afternoon is gone in a blink!

Now, I enjoy my job and the Monday dread really is all about the anticipation.  Once I am at work the week usually goes by so quickly:  busy at work, busy at home, busy with Jamin...and then before I know it, it's Friday again!  I firmly believe sometimes that you can find me in my very best mood while I am pulling out of the work parking lot on a Friday afternoons.  I actually think this [pitiful] thought every Friday (despite how much I try NOT to live for the weekends), "OK Krysta, savor this feeling.  This is the exact moment when you don't have to come back to work for the longest period of time all weekend!"  Wow, what a great feeling! (I know, I'm working on it.)

I think I need to do something on Sunday's to brighten the mood.  Unfortunately all my grand plans involve gratuitous amounts of money: "shopping every Sunday!" "mini day trip every Sunday!" "new restaurant every Sunday!" "bake something new every Sunday!"   That last one is a little more of new pregnancy obsession.

What do you do on Sunday to make the arrival of Monday a little more tolerable?

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