Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Oh my.  This week is tiring!  I'm feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Only Tuesday night?

Pregnancy caught up with me (hello third trimester!), this week marked the change into Semester 2 at school which makes the office unmanageably busy and I've been trying to juggle my time between work, baby, home and visiting my dad at the hospital.  (He had major knee reconstructive surgery last Thursday- a couple of roadblocks along the way has made his stay longer than originally anticipated...but we hope he will be out in the next few days!)

All I want is some cuddle time and sleep time- but even that is running short this week! Jud is busy helping his parents move into a new (and amaaazing) house during the evenings.  They do so much for us I guess I can't complain when they need our help every now and again :)

So for the time being, I am just setting my sights on making it through this week.  I hope to reward myself with something grand this weekend.  Im not sure what it will be- but it will be relaxing and amazing AND fun! Suggestions for fun events/places to visit in the Greater Tampa Bay area are welcomed!

I'm adorable.  That is all.

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  1. hi jamin! how are you already in your 3rd trimester. seems like only yesterday you were calling to tell me a funny story. . .


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