Monday, January 16, 2012

A ton of cheese...with some Penne

More Pinterest inspiration!

[Originally from Recipe Girl]

Penne with fire roasted tomato, roasted bell peppers, bacon & spinach (and a whole lotta cheese!)

Diced Roasted Peppers & Chopped Spinach

To the left, to the left- Fire Roasted tomato soup with milk being brought to a low bubble
To your right- melting butter (soon to be whisked with some flour and added to the soup to thicken)

Mix all together in a big bowl: sauce, veggies, and cooked penne

Three cheeses! Chopped provolone, 6 ounces ricotta, and shredded parmesean.

Assemble in casserole dish and start salivating over the amazing aroma of...


Top the casserole off with crumbled bacon, add a little more parmesean (why the heck not?) on top and bake for 30 min!


The dish had a good, subtle flavor.  However, I actually expected more of a tastebud explosion.  Next time I would make the tomato base sauce a little more flavorful with some more roasted peppers, red pepper flakes, or something. Husband and baby approved.

"This seems like something from a restaurant...because, you know, it has weird stuff in it."

 Thanks, Jud! I will take that as a compliment!

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