Monday, January 9, 2012

My Picks

It's back!  

The Bachelor!!  


Ben is our charming, very funny, good-haired, wine-making-vineyard-owning and slightly "broken" contestant this season and I must say I really loved him in Ashley's season.  But, we all know how that ended.

Very, very badly.

But not as badly as this:

I think what I liked most about Ben was that he really seems like one of the most normal guys I have seen on the show.  I also liked how he acted like a normal person when his proposal was shot down.  He was mad and embarrassed- as you should be in that situation!  He wasn't mean, just hurt and rejected...his reaction was the kind you would real life?

After last weeks premeire's I would like to make my prediction of which ladies will make it to the end!

Top 3:

Nicki, 26 from Texas
Nicki had a sweet Southern charm about her and is easily one of the cutest girls in the house. 

Emily, 27, PhD Student at Chapel Hill
Emily just seemed like an overall friendly girl with normal interests.

Lindzi, 27 from Florida
Lindzi...Eh, I wasn't a huge fan but she won the first impression rose so that must count for something!

Crazy award:

Creeper Award:

Let the games begin!

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