Sunday, January 8, 2012

My current favorite show..

Every day at lunch with my co-workers we recap last nights TV shows.  I can firmly say that no one ever brings up NBC's Parenthood. But it is so good. The hubby and I watched through the first couple of seasons in a matter of weeks on Netflix and now we have caught up with the live shows.  I have to say it's hard to wait a week in between but it certainly makes Tuesday more exciting- (especially since its on right after The Biggest Loser, a guilty pleasure of mine!)  It's not on edge of your seat exciting and painful to wait the week, like the way LOST was, but all the characters are so entertaining and I just enjoy the show so much I hate to see them go when the hour is gone.  Definitely my favorite fictional family. Especially this fella who I am convinced is the cookie cutter husband little girls picture when they're about 7 years old.

I pretty much love ALL of the characters.  Well, except the crazy mom with the crazy hair.

Since I never hear anyone talking about this show...I will do my part:  Friends, family, co-workers tune in on Tuesday night at 10 pm on NBC! You will learn to love the Braverman's!

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  1. AW and I are obsessed with Parenthood! I love Adam AND Christina Braverman!


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