Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Curling

Last week, I posted another picture where I look rather awkward in my bathroom mirror.  Here is another for your enjoyment.  Luckily, this time the awkward face was on "purpose" (maybe thats just how I look??) as I was about to text a friend about the epic failure of my first attempt with the Conair You Curl.

The feedback was that it will be awkward at first- but better as you practice for a few weeks (months..?)

Here's hoping next time I wont kink up my bangs and have to pin them back, one side of my head wont have a million tight curls and the other side loose flowy curls, and I'm hoping to save my fingertips from future brush ups against a 400 degree curling wand@

At least I'm trying to stick to my resolutions!

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