Saturday, January 7, 2012

Band Crush: Lady Antebellum

I'm slowly becoming obsessed with Lady Antebellum.  Lately, their songs have been making me feel 14 again- hopelessly in love with a boy that didn't know and daydreaming about a careless and endless summer that was sure to day.  Literally, I still get giddy inside when I hear songs that I know I would have loved back then.

Wasn't love just intriguing and pure magic at 14?  You craved everything it came with- the heartbreak of young love, slow dancing,  first kisses and walking down an aisle. 

Lady Antebellum did it again with this song.  This makes me feel young, without a care in the world, looking forward to a life of endless possibilities.

OK, so this next one isn't Lady Antebellum.  But I can't help but share with anyone that is around that "I love this song! I would have really really LOVED this song in HS!"

Maybe this is why 12 year olds and 20 somethings alike both love Taylor Swift- the 12 year old looking forward to love and the 20 year old reminiscing about how young and sweet it was to be a teenager?  I couldn't put it more perfectly than CFC.

You know who reminds me of Taylor Swift but circa my teenage years? Jessica Andrews.  Young, pretty and hopelessly romantic lyrics.  Except less fame and fans than T. Swift.  It's a dirty shame toobecause she's cute and sung straight to my heart full of unrequited teenage love!

You know who else falls in this category?  Kenny Chesney.  He has the most nostalgic songs, and they're not gender specific, but can still bring me back to just being young, dreamy and giggly all the time.

WOW! I digress.  I titled this post all about Lady Antebellum- and to be honest thats what inspired the post. I heard a song last night and it made me feel all lovey dovey and melencholy.  Forgive me, Valentine's is on its way!

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