Friday, December 9, 2011

a month and a half?

It's been a month and a half since my last post!  And now its almost Christmas time! Terrible! And to think, posting twice a week was one of my Fall goals. 

The scary thing about my Fall goals is that I have only one more week until I am off from work for Christmas break.  Which is when my official winter begins.  I'm almost afraid to look at the post for fear of seeing all my unaccomplished goals staring right back at me!

Well, let's give it a go!

1. continue to blog at least 2 times a week Fail!
2. read three books (shouldn't be hard since I'm already 1 book deep into the Hunger Games trilogy- obsessed!) Success!
3. Yoga once a week. I am an old brittle woman who has thrown out her back one too many times for the age of 26. I need more stretching in my life. MAJOR fail.  A girl can dream..
4. Use food processor at least twice and mixer at least once (can we say Christmas cookies?) Success!  I used the food processor twice to make a creepy Halloween dessert and last week I whipped up some pesto.  I love Pesto.  Bought the ingredients tonight to make some home made Christmas treats this week!
5. Make butternut squash soup from scratch. Fail.  BUT, it hasn't been cold yet! I've worn a jacket once this year, and by noon I was roasting.  I think this allowed to move to "winter goals" without guilt or shame!
6. Try to make a new kind of meat for a main dish (I only use chicken, sausage, pot roast, and ground beef.) I want to try my hand at a pulled pork, or a brisket! or maybe a Thanksgiving turkey!)  Well, I can't even pretend I tried this.
7. Go to a pick-your-own farm and pick-my-own  Not the right season- silly me!
8. clean/organize my dresser drawers Success! And they are still bursting at the seams with old t-shirts
9. continue learning to use my SLR camera! Success!  I've been learning the past few weeks how to take better pictures of Christmas lights.  I was getting into the season and learning at once- two birds, one stone.
10. Bring lunch to work everyday and drink at least one full water bottle (this is so hard for me to do!) I brought lunch everyday! I am so proud. I drank nothing.
11.Begin and finish new crochet project  I still hope to do something before Christmas.  Ive got 16 days!
12. keep up with Oprah's Live your Best Life show- I watched one episode.  It is designed for middle age women with lots of guilt and trauma.  Not for me.

and here are some MUST-DO's that I neglected from my summer goals list:
1. Make Jamin's 1st year scrapbook- Oh my gosh, I still haven't done this.  I really need to. Very stressful!
2. Visit the Sponge Docks (I'd love to go during the Greek festival, but I think it's in January- maybe this will wait) Adding this as something to do in January!

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