Friday, October 21, 2011

happy (almost) birthday!

This past weekend I took the husband out with me on a big shopping trip.  I bought things without looking at the price tags.  I spent half the day browsing the outlets.  I ended the trip by eating an entire Hershey's chocolate bar.  It was the perfect day.  Except I didn't buy a single thing for myself (besides that chocolate..)

My husband was the lucky winner of the big shopping spree! It's (almost) his birthday and since we've spent most our our past years together with me giving pretty crummy not the best gifts (blame it on the college bank account...) I decided this would be the year he gets spoiled. Don't be fooled- buying clothes and new shoes is RIGHT up Jud's alley.  He is a closet pretty boy.

Here's a sneak peak into his closet:
Jud looks good in purple.  Now to find a silver tie!
Got these slim fitters in 4 colors.  That's right.

This one too.  We went a little sweater crazy.
Got some casual slim fitting pants too.

 He got some boxers, socks, AND new dress shoes....and these...

Quite possibly his favorite purchase.  Shoe Trees.


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