Friday, September 30, 2011


I had a passion when I was in high school to find songs that matched my life.  I guess not much has changed.  Does it annoy anyone else when a song that you LOVE or has a catchy chorus doesn't relate to your life?

Some recent examples:

1. My friends (ChickFlickChic and All My Reasons) and I just talked about this over a dinner at Olive Garden.  All three of us are in happy relationships...but don't you think if this heartbreaking song came out during a heartbreaking time it would be even more legit?  Is that the right word choice?  Yes, I am going to go with legit.

2. Today on the radio I heard this song for the second time.  (Maybe it's been out forever, who knows!) I found myself awkwardly swaying to the music in the car and digging the beat.  It kind of makes me feel like I want to go out dancing to a swanky place like the Atlantic in Gainesville and sway around with all the indie people.  But you know what?  When I got home today and googled the lyrics (because I had NO idea what they were saying) it was by far the worst lyrics ever!  Morbid and totally, outrageously, and in no way related to my life.

3. I also hate when a song is about a girl... but you are obviously the girl in the relationship so you have to pretend your love/hubby thinks the song is about you.  You have to project those fuzzy happy tunes on to your husband and hope the song maybe reminds him of you- and then he actually has to say that to confirm?  Who wants to have to dedicate a love song to themselves?  I think this is one of the most romantic songs, ever.  It deserves to be on a home made love cd.  Would it be too self indulgent if I made a cd to myself and addressed it from my husband?

4. And then, finally, there are the songs that have nothing to do with your life but you dance along and enjoy them even though you can't relate to it directly. (Although, sometimes in those dolling up moments for a big (and rare) night out you really do feel like a dancing diva). Because really, who would want to be the girl in those lyrics in real life?


  1. oh heyyyy new template! today i got myself all worked up in a heartbroken frenzy listening to someone like you! whats wrong with me? its just a song... no special meaning.. just a song

  2. You mean you DON'T brush your teeth with Jack Daniels on a regular basis?


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