Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hairy Mess

I grow my hair long and then I cut it off.  I decide to  grow my hair long again, and then I cut it off, again. This cycle seems to repeat itself every 3 years.  The moment the hair comes off I immediately wish for it's return.  The second it starts to become long I feel its untameable and I cut it off.

Want to know the sad truth?  I cannot style my hair.  At all.  For any occasion.  This my friends is what leads me on my wild goose chase.

I daydream about short hair:

And this is how my short hair actually looks (there I am all the way to the right wearing what I consider to be "styled" hair!)

I daydream about long hair:

And here, my friends, is what I consider one of my best long hair pics:

(yes, I went so far back to find a good hair pic it took me back to the days of braces!)

What I am in need of is a hair intervention.  I need a stylist team to tell me the right color, cut, and actually teach me how to style!  It seems so easy when the hairdressers give me an amazing blow out and curl.  But I'm telling you, my left hand is useless in blow-drying and I cannot see the back of my head!  I don't know which way to turn the flat iron.  I have useless products.  Nor have I perfected how to blow dry bangs in the 6 years that I have had the side swept look.  Most of the time I give up and pin them back, like so:

help me.

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