Monday, August 1, 2011


what a great weekend!

friday night we just hung out at home- me, the hubby, and jamin. we watched harry potter and fell asleep early.

saturday i went with carly to get some feathers in our hair. 

we met up with the hubby and little boy and we all grabbed a bite to eat  and then headed home.  an amazing 3 hour nap followed.

saturday night we left little boy with his grandma and grandpa and went out to the cheesecake factory for dinner (did you know this past sat was national cheesecake day??) with some good friends of ours. the excuse was it was my birthday, but the truth is- we just like to go out and celebrate! carly had the bar recreate for me my favorite drink i have ever had- the jalepeno martini that i recently discovered in miami. i had chicken diane and steak medallions and was way too stuffed for the half price cheesecake. i dont think my husband minded not sharing his brownie cheesecake with me.  we took some very yellow pictures while we were there.

sunday we woke up early got all ready and drove over to orlando to meet up with family and some friends at a disney resort pool. it was a fun pool with good people but it was killer hot outside. we cooled off with some chipwich sandwiches and headed home. once we had dinner we ended the weekend just as it had started- by dozing off to harry potter.

all in all, lovely weekend.

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