Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my dog, pacey

pacey was born on the wild streets of orlando fl and survived on his own until rescued. i believe this rugged beginning laid the foundation for the drama queen that he was destined to become.  he was cleaned up, given shots and named henry.  then he was renamed robot because his legs never grew and he looked like a toy dog.

a few weeks later my husband-to-be and my sister-in-law to be stroll into a adoption day at petsmart.  my husband literally laid eyes on him and was smitten.  there was some cuddling and a few "omg's" and with that paperwork was signed.  we named him pacey, named after dawsons creek.  but really named for the 12 yr old girl in me who always wanted a dog just so i could name him pacey.

so began paceys life with us in the spring of 2007.  a wild journey it has been- little fury-brother sawyer joining him, uncle jason moving out, mommy krysta moving in, and a little boy born to pull ears and tails.  along the way lots of belly rubs, numerous poop stories, and a lot of licking.

pacey is a good dog.  he has been in our family for over 4 years. he has moved to three different homes with us.  he has been there through all the good times and the tears. he has been there as our family became a family.

we will most likely being saying goodbye to him on thursday.  he needs a home without babies pulling ears and where there will be more attention on his needed belly rubs.  i will miss him.

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