Saturday, August 27, 2011


{photo credit unknown, ps. this is not my husband}

My friends, it's that time of year already.  I bask in the glory of the off season and savor the weekends- and it's over.  Sunday's dedicated to church, cooking, parks and shopping.  Sunday's watching netflix, napping and going out to lunch.  No more. 

Not only does football season mean the return of Sunday's in a sports bar but football even has the nerve to creep into my Monday nights!  And no matter how many of these seasons I go through I always forget about the 8 o'clock Sunday night game.  I dutifully wait from noon to four, then I cook and clean from four to eight, and then right when I think I've done my share of waiting- that eight o'clock game comes up out of nowhere. My husband is GLUED to the TV.  Plans (and cleaning, shopping, cooking, napping, speaking, making life decisions) will have to wait if it conflicts with the NFL, especially the Vikings.

I haven't even mentioned the worst part.  The most evil of all things football-  fantasy football.  I enjoy my husband hanging out with his friends and bantering back and forth...but it goes on every night of the week!  Isn't this supposed to be a weekend thing?  Endless drafting, line up's, insulting of eachother's manliness.  It's all part of the game and it takes quite a bit of my husbands attention from August to January.  You ever wonder why wives love to host a good Super Bowl party?  It's not because we want to watch the game.  We are celebrating the return of our husbands and wishing a good riddance to the season.  (And we wives love the commercials, too.)

Here is to all you ladies who will be living Sunday's single for the next few months!  Good luck, and have some buffalo wings and a cold beer along the way.

This commercial made me laugh.  

PS. And what ever happened to that lock-out?  Way to ruin the Fall, NFL!


  1. i dont understand fantasy football- and why do they have to be in more than one league? cant there just be one big fantasy football league.. if you want to participate at all- you join. no multiple drafts, emails, etc

  2. Thank you and your hubby for including my household on the Fantasy Football madness. Sharing the wealth, I see! Well, I guess that means lots of photography dates for us in the future!!


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