Thursday, August 4, 2011

everyone gets a humpback whale!

anyone that knows me knows i love oprah.  her 25th season ended during my 25th yr of life. her show was part of the soundtrack of my life- whether i was busy playing barbies in the other room, experimenting with make up in the other room, or preparing a meal for my husband in the other room...i grew up with her and to put it simply, i love that lady.

im not sure where my relationship stands with the OWN network so far.  disinterest may sum it up? which is sad because i was hoping it would be infinitely better than the show (is that possible?) but i was delighted to find out that the network is using some of the magic of the original shows starting this fall.  read more about oprahs latest venture here

oprah's "own your life" show (class?), with oprah as the teacher (of course),  will recap the greatest lessons oprah wants to share from her 25 yrs on air. 

glorified way to show favorite and famous clips?  i think so! 
am i all for this recycling of material?  heck yes!
will i be tuning in?  oh yes. 

 and! i have extremely high hopes that  so awesome that i even signed up for the online...homework(?) on   we will see how that goes.


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