Wednesday, August 3, 2011


lately, i have become obsessed with basil.
i'm buying it by the bunches, and i cannot stop!

its delicious, healthy and makes foods seem a whole lot more fancy. 

two nights ago, i had my husbands family over for dinner.  i used a whole lot of spinach and basil to make a pesto and used my food processor for the first time ever.  once i had made this green goodness i baked it with some chicken, tortellini and cheese.  Mmmm.

last night, we had my family over for dinner and i was bitten by the basil bug yet again.  i used some fresh basil leaves in my sauce and used some for caprice salad.

 this picture was taken with my new camera, isn't it pretty? (amateur, but pretty!)

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  1. I love basil! Try mint. I've been addicted to mint this summer. Its even good in pesto :)


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