Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week, the hubby and I had two friends over we don't get to see very often. They spent the better half of last year selling off most of their material goods and traveling across Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia to name a few (and sleeping in a live-in van covered with artwork!)
They blogged the whole way, told us a lot of amazing stories and gave us the news that they were selling off most of what remained of their material possessions and moving to Maui!

I would not normally post about other people's lives randomly but I really can't help admire their sense of adventure and how in sync they both are in being free-spirited. I find it so admirable that they know what they want and are setting out to accomplish dreams and goals. I'm almost tempted to say with "reckless abandon"- but that is so not true! They have a plan and are following through with really living the life they want  and that is right for them- and are not worried about boundaries and comfort zones.
I think it's awesome.
Best of luck in Maui, friends! I hope we will get to see you out there someday!

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