Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dentist degradation

Does anyone else find the bib they make you wear at the dentist just shameful?  Why do they force you to wear the napkin they wipe everything on?  Ew.

Maybe I am just bitter because I am sitting here feeling yucky after three fillings. 

Who gets 5 cavities at age 26 anyways?

Wordless Wednesday

{reunited and it feels so good, picture props to Carly}

Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week, the hubby and I had two friends over we don't get to see very often. They spent the better half of last year selling off most of their material goods and traveling across Australia, Thailand, and Indonesia to name a few (and sleeping in a live-in van covered with artwork!)
They blogged the whole way, told us a lot of amazing stories and gave us the news that they were selling off most of what remained of their material possessions and moving to Maui!

I would not normally post about other people's lives randomly but I really can't help admire their sense of adventure and how in sync they both are in being free-spirited. I find it so admirable that they know what they want and are setting out to accomplish dreams and goals. I'm almost tempted to say with "reckless abandon"- but that is so not true! They have a plan and are following through with really living the life they want  and that is right for them- and are not worried about boundaries and comfort zones.
I think it's awesome.
Best of luck in Maui, friends! I hope we will get to see you out there someday!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Goals

Since I work at a High School, I still have the joy of my life moving in a nice routine.  I've explained before that my term for fall is quite loose, it really means "1st semester back at work." 

This is how I classify a year:
fall semester, Christmas break, spring semester, summer off, repeat until retirement.

Enough of that.

Here are the goals for Fall!

1. continue to blog at least 2 times a week
2. read three books (shouldn't be hard since I'm alreayd 1 book deep into the Hunger Games trilogy- obsessed!)
3. Yoga once a week.  I am an old brittle woman who has thrown out her back one too many times for the age of 26.  I need more stretching in my life.
4. Use food processor at least twice and mixer at least once (can we say Christmas cookies?)
5. Make butternut squash soup from scratch
6. Try to make a new kind of meat for a main dish (I only use chicken, sausage, pot roast, and ground beef.)  I want to try my hand at a pulled pork, or a brisket! or maybe a Thanksgiving turkey!)
7. Go to a pick-your-own farm and pick-my-own
8. clean/organize my dresser drawers
9. continue learning to use my SLR camera!
10. Bring lunch to work everyday and drink at least one full water bottle (this is so hard for me to do!)
11.Begin and finish new crochet project
12. keep up with Oprah's Live your Best Life show (wow, cheesy, right?)

and here are some MUST-DO's that I negleglected from my summer goals list:
1. Make Jamin's 1st year scrapbook
2. Visit the Sponge Docks (I'd love to go during the Greek festival, but I think it's in January- maybe this will wait)

Hooray Fall!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


{photo credit unknown, ps. this is not my husband}

My friends, it's that time of year already.  I bask in the glory of the off season and savor the weekends- and it's over.  Sunday's dedicated to church, cooking, parks and shopping.  Sunday's watching netflix, napping and going out to lunch.  No more. 

Not only does football season mean the return of Sunday's in a sports bar but football even has the nerve to creep into my Monday nights!  And no matter how many of these seasons I go through I always forget about the 8 o'clock Sunday night game.  I dutifully wait from noon to four, then I cook and clean from four to eight, and then right when I think I've done my share of waiting- that eight o'clock game comes up out of nowhere. My husband is GLUED to the TV.  Plans (and cleaning, shopping, cooking, napping, speaking, making life decisions) will have to wait if it conflicts with the NFL, especially the Vikings.

I haven't even mentioned the worst part.  The most evil of all things football-  fantasy football.  I enjoy my husband hanging out with his friends and bantering back and forth...but it goes on every night of the week!  Isn't this supposed to be a weekend thing?  Endless drafting, line up's, insulting of eachother's manliness.  It's all part of the game and it takes quite a bit of my husbands attention from August to January.  You ever wonder why wives love to host a good Super Bowl party?  It's not because we want to watch the game.  We are celebrating the return of our husbands and wishing a good riddance to the season.  (And we wives love the commercials, too.)

Here is to all you ladies who will be living Sunday's single for the next few months!  Good luck, and have some buffalo wings and a cold beer along the way.

This commercial made me laugh.  

PS. And what ever happened to that lock-out?  Way to ruin the Fall, NFL!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

fruit & veggies, day 2 & 3

Well,  let me just start off by saying I have already gone off course. So much for will-power!

Two days ago, after much healthy eating we added chicken to our salad and a little (really, barely any!) salad dressing (yes, we failed on day 1!).  BUT despite be a little looser on the original diet idea I still think we are being healthy- at least more than we usually do.  But, so much for a strict diet! The juicing continues...

We made another batch of Green Lemonade....doesn't it look so good green?

We also have been making virgin Bloody Mary's which are pretty decent but remain un-photographed as of now...

Virgin Bloody Mary
1/2 cucumber
2 carrots
2 stalk celery
1 red bell pepper
3 handfuls spinach
1/2 jalepeno pepper
parsely to taste
spanish onion wedge
2 cloves garlic
5 large roma tomatoes

Hey, It looks like someone likes the green stuff!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

fruit & veggies, day 1

Our all fruit and vegetable 5 day diet starts today!  I even bought kale and beets.  I've never purchased (or tasted!) some of these things.  So far weve enjoyed experimented with one juiced beverage.

Green Lemonade

2 Green Apples
3 handfuls Spinach
6 Kale leaves
½ Cucumber
4 Celery Stalks
Whole Lemon without rind

Friday, August 12, 2011

chick flick chic

My outrageously beautiful and witty friend Lindsey is blogging.  Yay! Sound the trumpets!

And she is really, really good!

Check out her movie reviews and her wit.  I think you will love both!

{pic borrowed from}


Sometimes I like to jump on a bandwagon.  I don't think this is a bad thing.  My perspective is that bandwagoning exposes you to a lot of different hobbies, trends, shows and ideas and then you can sift through them to see what you really like.

Here is an example.  I used to be really against a bandwagoning.  I refused to read Harry Potter although this was the literary classic of my generation.  I resisted for 10 long years.  I knew at 12 that I was an avid reader because I love to read.  I would not stoop down to read the book being gobbled up by the masses that don't generally care about books.

Fast forward to college and I HAVE to read Harry Potter for my Adolescent Lit class.  Amazing.  I'm in love.  I wish I were a wizard.  I wish life had more magic.  I wish I had frizzy hair like Hermione. (oh wait, I do.  Thank God!)  I go to movies.  I cried when the series ended.  I yearn for butterbeer.

(image -and a recipe available- from

And you know what I learned?  I should have jumped on the bandwagon sooner.  If I thought it was so magical at 22 I would have LOVED it at 12. 

Valuable lesson learned, kids.  Lesson learned.

Well, now it's time to hop into a new craze.  My hubby and I are going to be juicers for 5 days.  Were going to buy all sorts of leafy greens and juice them and pretend they taste good.  I'm going to watch the pounds shed off and I will have more energy than I ever had in my life.  My skin will glow.  Inspired after watching the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead we decided this would be an adventure worth taking.  Here's a preview.

Plus, not a bad idea to take down our juicer, which was a wedding gift, and brush some dust off of it.  I will post about our 5 day juicing journey along the way.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

everyone gets a humpback whale!

anyone that knows me knows i love oprah.  her 25th season ended during my 25th yr of life. her show was part of the soundtrack of my life- whether i was busy playing barbies in the other room, experimenting with make up in the other room, or preparing a meal for my husband in the other room...i grew up with her and to put it simply, i love that lady.

im not sure where my relationship stands with the OWN network so far.  disinterest may sum it up? which is sad because i was hoping it would be infinitely better than the show (is that possible?) but i was delighted to find out that the network is using some of the magic of the original shows starting this fall.  read more about oprahs latest venture here

oprah's "own your life" show (class?), with oprah as the teacher (of course),  will recap the greatest lessons oprah wants to share from her 25 yrs on air. 

glorified way to show favorite and famous clips?  i think so! 
am i all for this recycling of material?  heck yes!
will i be tuning in?  oh yes. 

 and! i have extremely high hopes that  so awesome that i even signed up for the online...homework(?) on   we will see how that goes.


summer goals

well, i go back to work monday.  i guess i cant complain.  6 weeks off. 2 amazing vacations. and a taste at being a full time mommy.  six weeks ago i had made some lofty goals for this summer- some have been accomplished, some havent, some were attempted and some were ignored. 

the summer to-do list:

use food processor for first time
visit the sponge docks
make my first ikea trip
buy desk and organize den
clean out den closet
begin crocheting
read three books
swimming lessons for jamin
organize closet/clean out drawers/donate clothes
start learning about photography
work on work stuff
make jamins 1st yr scrapbook
organize photo albums online
keep an online blog

and here is the summer to do-list and their outcomes:

use food processor for first time
visit the sponge docks (maybe more enjoyable when its not 100+ degrees)
make my first ikea trip
buy desk and organize den
clean out den closet
crochet something
read three books (almost done with 1)
swimming lessons for jamin
organize closet/clean out drawers/donate clothes (isnt this always in process?  please dont make me get rid of my old clothes i never wear!)
start learning about photography (in progress with my new camera)
work on work stuff (totally ignored)
make jamins 1st yr scrapbook (ignored. i blame shutterfly for not sending me an amazing coupon! bad shutterfly!  bad momma!)
organize photo albums online
keep an online blog

time to make a new list for fall!

ps. i use the term fall lightly, as in, first semester back at work.  dont be confused with images of colorful leaves and crisp weather.  its hot here.  and will be for a long, long time.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

my dog, pacey

pacey was born on the wild streets of orlando fl and survived on his own until rescued. i believe this rugged beginning laid the foundation for the drama queen that he was destined to become.  he was cleaned up, given shots and named henry.  then he was renamed robot because his legs never grew and he looked like a toy dog.

a few weeks later my husband-to-be and my sister-in-law to be stroll into a adoption day at petsmart.  my husband literally laid eyes on him and was smitten.  there was some cuddling and a few "omg's" and with that paperwork was signed.  we named him pacey, named after dawsons creek.  but really named for the 12 yr old girl in me who always wanted a dog just so i could name him pacey.

so began paceys life with us in the spring of 2007.  a wild journey it has been- little fury-brother sawyer joining him, uncle jason moving out, mommy krysta moving in, and a little boy born to pull ears and tails.  along the way lots of belly rubs, numerous poop stories, and a lot of licking.

pacey is a good dog.  he has been in our family for over 4 years. he has moved to three different homes with us.  he has been there through all the good times and the tears. he has been there as our family became a family.

we will most likely being saying goodbye to him on thursday.  he needs a home without babies pulling ears and where there will be more attention on his needed belly rubs.  i will miss him.

a wordless wednesday


lately, i have become obsessed with basil.
i'm buying it by the bunches, and i cannot stop!

its delicious, healthy and makes foods seem a whole lot more fancy. 

two nights ago, i had my husbands family over for dinner.  i used a whole lot of spinach and basil to make a pesto and used my food processor for the first time ever.  once i had made this green goodness i baked it with some chicken, tortellini and cheese.  Mmmm.

last night, we had my family over for dinner and i was bitten by the basil bug yet again.  i used some fresh basil leaves in my sauce and used some for caprice salad.

 this picture was taken with my new camera, isn't it pretty? (amateur, but pretty!)

Monday, August 1, 2011


what a great weekend!

friday night we just hung out at home- me, the hubby, and jamin. we watched harry potter and fell asleep early.

saturday i went with carly to get some feathers in our hair. 

we met up with the hubby and little boy and we all grabbed a bite to eat  and then headed home.  an amazing 3 hour nap followed.

saturday night we left little boy with his grandma and grandpa and went out to the cheesecake factory for dinner (did you know this past sat was national cheesecake day??) with some good friends of ours. the excuse was it was my birthday, but the truth is- we just like to go out and celebrate! carly had the bar recreate for me my favorite drink i have ever had- the jalepeno martini that i recently discovered in miami. i had chicken diane and steak medallions and was way too stuffed for the half price cheesecake. i dont think my husband minded not sharing his brownie cheesecake with me.  we took some very yellow pictures while we were there.

sunday we woke up early got all ready and drove over to orlando to meet up with family and some friends at a disney resort pool. it was a fun pool with good people but it was killer hot outside. we cooled off with some chipwich sandwiches and headed home. once we had dinner we ended the weekend just as it had started- by dozing off to harry potter.

all in all, lovely weekend.

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