Friday, July 8, 2011

Pack it up

Don't you just hate packing? I do. It hasn't always been this way- I used to loooove it. I would make lists weeks in advance, buy special packing equipment (giant ziploc bags to roll on, anyone?) and live out of my suitcase for a couple weeks at home and then have to rewash and repack everything.

Now, such a burden. Simply torture. What to pack, how to make it all fit, and having to remember the necessities. I didn't have to worry about the toothbrush making it to my destination as a kid, it just magically did.

Now, I have to pack for myself, pack for Jamin, and make sure the husband just doesn't roll his clothes into a ball. I've been procrastinating for weeks and our plane takes off at 6:30 am tomorrow...I still don't see packing in my very near future. I am too busy trying to figure out how to travel on a plane with a toddler.

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