Wednesday, July 6, 2011

a happy heart

Some things that I am thankful for, and things that I love, in no particular order...

1. My amazing job that allows me so many hours off during the day and provides me with so many vacations to stay home with Jamin.

2. Old fashioned traditions- asking for a hand in marriage, opening a car door, a hand written note.

3. Best friends from childhood that remain best friends in adulthood.

4. My pillow-top mattress, with my ratty old blanket,next to my handsome hubby- possibly the most comfortable place on Earth.

5. A family that I love and a family that loves me unconditionally.

6. Blogs, books, pictures, quotes that inspire me to find more beauty and simplicity in life.

7. Bookcases & reading a favorite book. Keeping a collection of stories you love nearby.

9. Summertime

10. Floral print clothing- anything- dresses, scarves, bathing suits, shoes...actually, it doesn't even have to be clothes, pretty much all things floral!

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