Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dinner Woes

Ever have one of those inspired days where the inner chef in you wants to really jazz things up in the kitchen?

Well, I do. And that is my story today.

I craved "down home comfort" meets "sophisticated palette". Fettuccine Alfredo came to mind, better yet, blush cheesy fettuccine Alfredo! Add a lil' class by ordering some fresh scallops and ripened tomatoes. Make sure I have the fresh mozzarella on hand and into the kitchen I go.

First step- delicious saute of scallops...a little olive oil, a little broth, some parsley, fresh ground sea salt...and champagne? Oops, meant to go for some white wine, but popped a bottle of bubbly instead. What can I say, I am not a wine connaisseur.

Next, cook up the whole wheat fettuccine to the perfect al dente, make my irresistible tomato Alfredo sauce and toss with fresh mozzarella.

Bon Appetit! Oh, wait.

Last step, keep on low over the stove and wait for the hubby to come home. And wait..and wait. In all fairness, I knew he would be late but this is a real tragedy when it comes to cooking up tricky scallops...

The result, a cheesy goopy pile of hard pasta with rubberized scallops.

Next time I will let my inner chef take a trip down the aisle to Kraft Mac & Cheese.

Happy Dinner time everyone!

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