Friday, July 1, 2011

"Accept nothing less than passion and a life worthy of being storied..."

I am going to be a woman of many trades. Now with sprawling summer days before me and time slowing down I begin to wonder what will I do to fill the time. I'm a wife, mom, worker and creative genius waiting to be born. The trouble is I want to be so many things: blogger, baker, photographer, nature explorer, marathon runner, a home making green goddess, fashionista, interior decorator and crafter. It's hard to know which path to choose. So, for now, I have chosen all of them. I'm going to enjoy this summer to the fullest with life's simple pleasures.

I don't know which direction I will enjoy the most or stick with. But for now I plan to enjoy the time summer has to offer me. Yesterday I cooked of batches of homemade toddler food with vegetables I've never purchased before, this morning I redecorated the guest room at no cost, I am recommitting myself to blogging but requiring of myself to be more honest and thoughtful in my posting, I will be signing up for another half marathon for the Spring and I am in the midst of rekindling a hobby I abandoned when I was 7, crocheting.

I've decided to use this summer to work on savoring life. I plan to keep the tv to a minimum, replace the blackhole of facebook with more engaging activities and rediscover this town through the eyes of my son.

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