Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Belatedness

I was thinking about the past couple weeks and the craziness again and I realized I missed some other momumental should-have-been updates!

Well, I'm 25 now. And so, so old. For my Bday my dad threw me a delightful family Bday party with pizza and cake. He even got me a crown and sash which I resisted at first, but then embraced whole-heartedly. Who doesn't like to play princess? Went out with some good friends to Howl at the Moon in Tampa which was SO fun and a celebrations of Meggie's Bday too! And to top it off, Jud and I spent my actual birthday in Orlando with Jamin- stayed at a hotel and had a yummy dinner out. I love good food, friends, and family! Happy 25 to me!

Also, a fun update! Jamin ROLLED for the first time on July 26. I caught his third roll on camera :)

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