Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heebie Jeebies

Well, sometimes after a scary movie I am the type to sprint from my bedroom to the bathroom through the darkness as not to be caught by a scary unknown. The SCARIEST of all are the stories/movies about things watching/attacking/tormenting you that can't be seen. (ie ghosts, demons, etc. yikes!)

Anyways, I'm not usually overcome by fear of the dark or monsters under the bed- but since we have moved into our new house I feel like weird things are happening, and I dont like it. Not one bit. Let's just explore the creepy list:

-Jamin's toys are playing scary sounds and noises. First his play mat starting playing terrifying renditions of childrens songs. Some might explain this by saying the batteries are wearing, fair enough, but what about if it plays even when its turned OFF!

-Jamin's sweet little sleep sheep that he falls asleep to every night plays a nice babbling brooke noise. Well, instead of turning off after the 45 minute timer- it stayed on ALL night playing scary noises. no joke. Jud even asked me in the morning, "why do you play scary white noise for Jamin when he's asleep?" yikes.

-The other night in the middle of a nice quality sleep I woke up to a slamming sound. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper so I blew it off to get back to my shut-eye, but then it SLAMMED again and sounded RIGHT outside our bedroom French doors (scary!). Well, Pacey and Sawyer, who were sleeping in our room also perked up and seemed alert. At this point I grab Jud's arm pretty forcefully and make him explore the house. No explanations for the very near sound of things in our house slamming around.

-The neighboors must keep their TV on all night and it casts earie shadows and light on our back patio all. night. long. AT least the shadows and lights have an explanation.

-Other things: tiny thunder noises will straight up knock things off the wall, lights work and then burn out- then come back to life- and then burn repeatedly. (ok so that last one isnt that scary.)

I will leave you with a quote from my husband, "weird things happen here."

So in light of all this- I extend an invitation for people to come visit me, Jud, Jamin, Pacey & Sawyer and our (friendly, I hope) ghost.


  1. um, I would like to reserve a dog to sleep with when I visit please.

  2. this is creepy, and i'm glad you moved home. good luck to the next tenants!


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