Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Busy in Rockledge

The past few days have been so busy here! I am so thankful and happy to have had so many visitors! Natalia came over from Orlando on Thursday last week and we did a little beach time, went out for some lunch, hung out around the house with Jamin and just enjoyed lounging and chatting like we usually do.

Then Friday brought along Steve & Sheri (Jud's parents) for a visit! They brought up in a trailor the last of our stuff from Semiole...patio furniture, random boxes, etc. So now the unpacking continues! We had a fun-filled weekend of swimming, hanging out at the zoo, giving Jamin some organic brown rice cereal (his first solid food on Aug 14, so cute!), and shopping! Sunday morning we also tried out a new church and Jud & I both really enjoyed it...they have all sorts of groups for young married couples, womens activites, etc. I think it will be a great experience and a good way to meet people as well!

After the weekend, Kim came to visit on Monday and Tuesday! We layed low and did some dining, beach (Jamin couldnt have been more bored looking at the Atlantic,lol) and talked about fruits & bucket lists (future post coming soon!)It was a fun relaxing time!

And in between all that I attended a MOMS Club meeting to see about some info for joining, the types of activities they do, etc. I need to meet some people in this town and find some playmates for lil' Jamin!

It's been a whirlwind around here and today I topped it off with a mini roadtrip to Orlando to visit Natalia!

Looking forward to a relaxing visit with Papa P visiting!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Belatedness

I was thinking about the past couple weeks and the craziness again and I realized I missed some other momumental should-have-been updates!

Well, I'm 25 now. And so, so old. For my Bday my dad threw me a delightful family Bday party with pizza and cake. He even got me a crown and sash which I resisted at first, but then embraced whole-heartedly. Who doesn't like to play princess? Went out with some good friends to Howl at the Moon in Tampa which was SO fun and a celebrations of Meggie's Bday too! And to top it off, Jud and I spent my actual birthday in Orlando with Jamin- stayed at a hotel and had a yummy dinner out. I love good food, friends, and family! Happy 25 to me!

Also, a fun update! Jamin ROLLED for the first time on July 26. I caught his third roll on camera :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heebie Jeebies

Well, sometimes after a scary movie I am the type to sprint from my bedroom to the bathroom through the darkness as not to be caught by a scary unknown. The SCARIEST of all are the stories/movies about things watching/attacking/tormenting you that can't be seen. (ie ghosts, demons, etc. yikes!)

Anyways, I'm not usually overcome by fear of the dark or monsters under the bed- but since we have moved into our new house I feel like weird things are happening, and I dont like it. Not one bit. Let's just explore the creepy list:

-Jamin's toys are playing scary sounds and noises. First his play mat starting playing terrifying renditions of childrens songs. Some might explain this by saying the batteries are wearing, fair enough, but what about if it plays even when its turned OFF!

-Jamin's sweet little sleep sheep that he falls asleep to every night plays a nice babbling brooke noise. Well, instead of turning off after the 45 minute timer- it stayed on ALL night playing scary noises. no joke. Jud even asked me in the morning, "why do you play scary white noise for Jamin when he's asleep?" yikes.

-The other night in the middle of a nice quality sleep I woke up to a slamming sound. I'm a pretty heavy sleeper so I blew it off to get back to my shut-eye, but then it SLAMMED again and sounded RIGHT outside our bedroom French doors (scary!). Well, Pacey and Sawyer, who were sleeping in our room also perked up and seemed alert. At this point I grab Jud's arm pretty forcefully and make him explore the house. No explanations for the very near sound of things in our house slamming around.

-The neighboors must keep their TV on all night and it casts earie shadows and light on our back patio all. night. long. AT least the shadows and lights have an explanation.

-Other things: tiny thunder noises will straight up knock things off the wall, lights work and then burn out- then come back to life- and then burn repeatedly. (ok so that last one isnt that scary.)

I will leave you with a quote from my husband, "weird things happen here."

So in light of all this- I extend an invitation for people to come visit me, Jud, Jamin, Pacey & Sawyer and our (friendly, I hope) ghost.


The end of July was so busy with packing I forgot (or didn't have the time!) to post J-Bone's (yes, sometimes we call him J-Bone) 3 month Bday pic!

He's quite a ham.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A Mommy's Dilemma

Today would have been my first day back to work at Countryside if I were still living back in Pinellas. But instead, here I am in Rockledge, hanging with my baby, and watching Grey's Anatomy!

Since talks of moving over to the East coast have come up there has been the inevitable question of if I am going back to work. Back home, this was a no-brainer. I already had the job and we had some good quality choices for childcare. It just seems different now here. Jamin most likely wont have a nanny but instead have to go to a daycare which worries me. The more research I do online the more freaked out I become. To be honest, Jamin is a great baby but he definately has his trying days where crying is endless and he's especially irratable. It's enough to wear down a mommy, but I do what I need to do- but would a childcare worker have the patience? It breaks my heart to think of him crying and not being comforted, because in reality not all babies can have full attention in a daycare. Even worse, having him crying out for me and I am nowhere in sight. It feels like a betrayal when he is this little and I'm afraid the guilt would eat me alive. ::sigh::

It's a weird feeling because I feel selfish with whichever way I choose. Staying at home seems selfish because I am depending on Jud to bring home all the bacon (and to pay off my student loans, which seems pointless now!) And to go back to work seems selfish because extra cash isnt the same as extra time with a child.

I'm singing the same sad story I think every new mom deals with- as women,were raised to now set out and make our own way, but does it clash with the realities of having little babies? What do other momma's think?

Monday, August 2, 2010


SO in need of an update! But I can't settle down until some of these boxes are cleared out of my way at our new house in Rockledge, Fl! Will post pics and updates so soon!

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