Saturday, July 3, 2010

Prune Juice

Here's some motherly advice for anyone who cares to read! Just for some background info, Jamin usually poo's at least once or twice a day. Well, a couple of weeks ago he had gone four days with no signs of poo. I did my usual google investigating and was relieved to see this can be very normal for a breastfed baby. I didn't think much of it and went on with life. Well, towards the end of day 4 Jamin seemed really irritated and uncomfortable. At this point, I begin to worry and call the pediatrician. Doctors orders: 1.5 oz. prune juice mixed with 1.5 oz. water. A couple of suckles is all that was needed to do the trick. So the moral of this story- if you need to give your baby some prune advice is to lay down tarps everywhere and make sure your baby is not in a onsie you plan to keep! I would also recommend mommy not be wearing her favorite outfit either!

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  1. Oh man...those explosions are serious, lol. I'm glad you posted this. Miss P may be having this same problem, we were talking about that earlier today!! I might try this!!


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