Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My giant 2 month old baby!

Jamin just turned two months! Here are his stats from the Dr!

Weight: 14 pounds, 2 ounces! (97th percentile!!)

Height: 23 1/4" (about 65-70 percentile)

Head Circumference: Still 16 cm, thank goodness the rest of his body is catching up! (75th percentile)

He also had to get the first round of his immunizations. Three shots in the thighs, poor baby. Luckily, Jud was able to come to the appointment to help me & Jamin deal with the emotional stress!

Water Baby!

Here is Jamin at the beach for the first time on June 19 in Melbourne, FL! He is such a beach bum already!

Jamin had his first pool experience much earlier in the month, on June 13! We only had him in the water for a minute or so, but it was so cute. He was decked out in his board shorts, sunglasses & wetsuit top (that we couldnt seem to keep over his big belly!) Check out the video!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First vacation for baby!

This past weekend my little family decided to pack up and plan a surprise trip to Illinois to visit Jud's brother & his family. Even though we thought only Jeff knew about our trip turns out Bonnie knew all along- so much for the surprise! Either way- it was a great weekend and I definately wish we lived closer! Jeff & Bonnie's little boy will only be 4 months younger than Jamin!

Our trip also involved an exciting Saturday night down in the basement- there was some tornados tearing through Illinois. The town sirens went off and everything, pretty eventful!

Memorial Day Weekend!

The past couple of weekends have been pretty busy! Memorial Day weekend Auntie Carly came to visit from Atlanta and met Jamin for the first time! Mommy also got to have some quality girl time and escape to the beach for a little bit! We also went to see a Tampa Bay Rowdies game- Jamin's first soccer game. This little boy is quite the sports fanatic already-just like his daddy and his nonno!

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