Saturday, May 8, 2010

Life with Jamin

Jamin has been home with us since last Friday- so he has been home over a week now! Here's a picture of Jamin 9 days old. It's already starting to become more difficult to picture what life was like before we had our baby boy! It's amazing how quickly things can change!

Jamin has been an amazing newborn but it is definately quite an adjustment bringing home baby! The first couple of nights it was a struggle to get even 2 or 3 hours of sleep. Jamin cant stand his bassinet and it seems the moment we would lay him down he would wake up instantly. I think he just loves to be cuddled and held. Those first couple of rough nights were replaced by two AMAZING nights where Jamin would only wake up once or twice in an 8 hour span. Since then he seems to have gotten into a good routine of waking up 2 or 3 times a night- just enough to eat and be changed and he's ready to sleep again. Ive been doing some research on establishing some good sleep habits for him- I need my rest so we need to make sure Jamin loves sleep as much as mommy and daddy!

He's has tons of visitors - thanks to all the family and friends that keep stopping by and helping us! Weve had some meals given to us as well as some help around the house and it is SO appreciated. The dogs have been doing really great with Jamin. They still seem a bit unsure if this is a long term change but they have been friendly with the baby which is good news!
A funny story from babys first night home:
So all these moms and even at the nurses at the hospital had warned Jud & I about "the babys second night." Well, Jamin was born in the afternoon so last night was his real "second night" ...this is when baby wakes up from his baby-coma and realizes he in a strange new world and freaks out and his little system goes all haywire...babies are nocturnal inside the belly and its around this time they go back to their old habits...
So needless to say, Jamin slept a grand total of maybe 1 hour that first night...I was able to slip by with maybe 2 total...and he cried and cried the whole time, it was really overwhelming and kind of insane but I hear thats how the first night usually goes...
But on to the funny part: so Sawyer has been really good with Jamin- kind of just aware he's present but doing his own thing. Pacey is friendly and doing good but he is definately more tense- like that first night when Jamin was crying for hours he was whining, pacing, and then he pooped on the floor.
Well by this point I had been up with Jamin on my own for quite a bit as Jud slept (Jud had let me have a quality nap earlier on). Anyways, I kept smelling poop- and I just kept checking Jamins diaper over and over again with no signs of number 2...finally, im like "what is this??" I go into the living room and pacey had pooped and im not about to try to clean up dog poop while tryin to hold/comfort Jamin. I decide to wake up Jud and he is usually the lightest sleeper and I seriously had to like tug on his arm and scream his name for him to wake up. He was so delerious when he woke up and his eyes were all bloodshot...and im like "Hey! you need to help me pacey pooped!"
The conversation went as follows:
"Hey! you need to help me pacey pooped!"
"Pacey, he pooped"
::looking around the bed::
"In the living room!"
"you pooped?"
"NO pacey did"
::jud walks to the living room and looks at this huge mound of obvious dog poo::
"who did this? Jamin?"
"WHAT! NO. pacey."
:::bewilderment on juds face::t
The story actually isnt that funny now that it's typed it out- I guess you really would have needed to be there and have slight hysteria at 5 am from no sleep to think it was as funny as I thought it was ;)

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  1. Thats hilarious. I appreciate the story. Mailande hates her bassinet, I think its too flat. In the beginning we alternated between letting her sit in her bouncer and putting her to sleep on her changing pad. We moved the pad into her pack and play and she loves to sleep there. I think the curved edges make her feel more secure.


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