Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Hush, little baby.."

Jud & I seem to have been working on this nursery forever! As soon as we get one thing done were on to the next project or purchase. Now it seems like we have all the major pieces in place and were just finishing up with the details (like getting stocked up on toys & diapers!) And of course were waiting for the last finishing touch- little Jamin resting peacefully (I hope!) in his crib!

I seem to be nesting by buying little books and clothes for baby Jamin here and there while Jud is going wild! He is nesting in a very manly way by spontaneously deciding we had to have new laminate wood floors and a new washer & dryer- but I'm not complaining!

We decided to go ahead with a jungle theme, a safe bet for cute baby rooms- the celery colored walls are my favorite. They're much brighter in person than they are in these pictures. At first I was worried because it looked like LIME green, but once the furniture came in it really tied the room together.

This pic of me in Jamin's room was taken at 32 weeks and 4 days!

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